Set Breakdown and Base Set Themes

Our apologize on the delay for this article.  We have been trying to push through the Alpha Design so that we could begin testing.

We created the Base Set that launches us into the doom of the Emerald Empire.  As many of the Great Clans flea the Empire in terror, the former Spider Clan crowns Daigotsu Kanpeki the Shadow Emperor and ruler over all of Rokugan.

This 430 card set returns us to the brink of destruction after the opening of the Three Seals that plummeted the Mortal Realm and the Realm of Jigoku together.

Set Breakdown

  • Dynasty 220
    • Event 10
    • Holding 50
    • Personality 160
  • Fate 190
    • Follower 50
    • Item 30
    • Elemental Ring 6
    • Spell 30
    • Strategy 74
  • Non Dynasty, Non Fate 20
    • Stronghold 18
    • Favor 2

Base Set Themes

Clan Base Theme 1 Base Theme 2
Crab Duty Sacrifice
Crane Protection Courtesy
Dragon Contemplation Sincerity
Lion Military Honor
Naga Akasha Ancient Legion
Phoenix Pacifism Knowledge
Scorpion Dishonor Loyalty
Spider Corruption Undead Legion
Unicorn Mobility Compassion

Now, you will get the opportunity to vote on the Player Theme for the expansions through the next base set the following year.

We’ll be rolling out those polls after the completion of the Alpha Test 1.

Our plan was to be done by the end of February, but we still have 3 factions to complete (Lion, Crane, Scorpion) with some odd and ends (a few items, followers, and strategies).