Initial Rules Document

Here’s the link our Initial Rules Document that includes the changes laid out by the players, the rulebook abilities and loaded keywords, and a small surprise.

We also have news that the Alpha draft of Rebirth Edition has now been completed.  We are coming up with the easiest solution to get a printable pdf (for those that wish to test at home) and an edited file for Sun and Moon in your hands quickly.

As for a spoiler to tide you over, tonight we will speak of the ‘Loyalty’ of the Scorpion clan.  The Scorpion are loyal to the clan’s motives, whatever that may be.  As such, they are willing to protect or die for such ideals.  The card below represents the Scorpion to their end:

Vision of the Base Set

With our initial polls completed, let’s go over what the players have chosen:

Two-thirds of players preferred each clan have multiple clan strongholds (theme based) rather than have one stronghold and multiple sensei.

Gold Pooling was a very close vote.  No Gold Pooling ended up winning out.

These next two are really interesting.  This first vote explored the way that we would setup gold setup.  Starting holdings (with printed abilities) like we had in Celestial / Emperor ended up narrowly defeating Legacy holdings plus the rulebook Cycling ability (Ivory / 20F).

Stronghold design was another narrow category.  Two sided (A / B) strongholds won slightly over the old one sided strongholds.

Now here is the oddity.  The two sided strongholds, the Legacy holdings, and the Cycling ability were all designed together to balance going 1st vs going 2nd.  This means that we will be experimenting with two sided stronghold designs with the starting holding setup.  Definitely will be interesting design space.

Cavalry was a bit closer to the first votes with one-third wanting the old Infantry and Cavalry Assignment phases (which were in the game from its inception through the end of Emperor Arc) while the other two-thirds wanted the Ivory style one assignment phase with Cavalry rulebook ability.

The Blood Money Rule came about to allow players to ignore honor requirements.  This kept dishonor strategies from creating a negative play experience since they would be unable to recruit personalities.  Most saw this as a positive.

Ah, the issue of power level.  I’ve had the pleasure of playing L5R CCG throughout the many story arcs of the game’s history.  Most players enjoy a medium power level.  That is what our design team will be aiming for here.

I tried to give a variety of spots for us to explore.  I had hoped that one of the other options would present itself but the players have chosen to begin the story of the game as it ended: With the Spider Clan ascending to power, imposing their will over the clans leaving them to either bow to the Spider, leave the empire, or be destroyed.

This was another important question to answer.  Some arcs we got a playable bad guy faction and one in particular we didn’t.  I certainly agree that a bad guy needs to be playable.

Certain set ascetics

  • We are shooting for 350-400 cards with 9 clans that were scheduled to be in the story arc
    • 10 Events
    • 50 Holdings
    • 130 Personalities
    • 30 Items
    • 20 Spells
    • 5 Elemental Rings
    • 80 Strategies
    • 18 Strongholds
    • and a few classic card types from the game’s past (Ancestor, Celestial, Region)
  • The first two themes are basic and clan defining
    • We will be designing this set with 2 themes per clan
    • A 3rd theme will be voted on by the players to be designed in expansions for the story arc

I have a number of clan experts already within the team, but we are needing others.  Currently we have

  • Dragon
  • Mantis (well Moshi, Kitsune, and Tsuruchi)
  • Naga
  • Spider
  • Unicorn

We are still in need of the following clan experts:

  • Crab
  • Crane
  • Lion
  • Phoenix
  • Scorpion

Join our Discord server here and message me about being a clan expert for this project.